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How Much Do G League Players Get Paid?

It’s a topic of conversation that pops up from time-to-time. Along with debates over the amount compared to those in the NBA. But how much exactly do G League players get paid? Well, we’ll take you through it.

NBA Minimum and G League Base Salaries:

To start, minimum salaries for NBA players that have no experience in the league, for rookies, is $898,310. According to Hoops Rumours, that number jumps nearly double with 1-year of experience, to $1,445,697. The amount increases for the amount of experience a player has.

Switching to the G League, the last confirmed base salary (2018/19 season) was $7,000 per month. Or $35,000, for a 5-month season. This was after an increase on the previous contracts which ranged between $19,000 and $26,000. The NBA pay G League salaries.

Bonuses are paid to players on playoff teams and to those who win end-of-season awards as well. There are no multi-year contracts in the G League, it runs season-by-season.

The player will receive housing and insurance through the course of the 5-month period that the season runs through. Additional expenses include on daily travel and education opportunities.

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NBA Call-Ups and Two-Way Contracts:

Further money can be earned through NBA call-ups. As per the G League, 1-quarter of players earn an average of $44,000 in NBA affiliate and call-up bonuses, on top of base salaries.

Two-way players get paid more money, as they’re available to split their time between the G League and the NBA (up to 45 days). Players on such contracts earn $77,250 prorated for time spent on their G League roster.

For time in the NBA, players are paid the rookie minimum salary ($898,310). Again, prorated for days they’re called up for. The maximum potential earnings for two-way players is $385,000. The salaries of these players do not count towards the NBA salary cap.

If two-way players were called up for at least 15 days, the parent NBA team will acquire their Bird rights towards the upcoming free-agency period at the end of the player’s contract.

10 Day and Exhibit 10 Contracts:

If a G League player on a regular contract is called up to the NBA on a 10-day contract, more funds can be earned. Between $50,752 and $144,901, depending on player experience, according to Hoops Rumours.

A maximum of 2 consecutive 10-day contracts can be signed before the team must commit to or release the player. The 10-day contract method can be used between January and April.

Furthermore, players can earned extra money through an “Exhibit 10” contract. These are predominately distributed in summer training camps to NBA hopefuls. They are essentially a 1-year non-guaranteed deal worth the NBA minimum salary. The contract can be converted to a two-way deal. Or if the player is waived, they can sign with the team’s G League affiliate.

A bonus ranging between $5,000 and $50,000 can be available to players on Exhibit 10 contracts. This is to entice a waived player to sign for the team’s G League outfit, and avoid taking their talents overseas.

However, a period of 60 days must have passed. In terms of the player being with the G League affiliate, for the bonus to be paid.

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