G League

The Mamba Sports Academy Could Be the Home of the New G League Select Team

Following the recent news of top high-school prospects Jalen Green and Isaiah Todd passing up on college. Many have been talking about the new Los Angeles-based select team that they will be headlining.

Both players, as well as other elite prospects, are set to receive a sizable amount financially. But part of their groundbreaking decision to join the G League is down to development. The newly formed team will reportedly host an impressive set-up with professional coaching. Alongside professional training and a collection of veteran players.

On the coaching side of things, Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports has mentioned Sam MitchellDavid Fizdale, and Brian Shaw being candidates to take over the Head Coach role.

Haynes has also mentioned the Mamba Sports Academy as a possible home for the select team, and its prospects. A top-of-the-range training facility in Thousand Oaks, California, the Mamba Sports Academy was launched in 2018 by the late Kobe Bryant.

However, whilst it states that Green and Todd may be under the impression that the facility will be their new home. The report goes onto suggest that other venues are still being considered and nothing is finalised at present time.

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