G League

G League Set to Improve Player Conditions

A recent report by Shams Charania of The Athletic suggests that the G League is “improving some conditions for players”. This is set to be from the 2020-21 season onwards.

As per the report, teams have been informed by the NBA that they must secure separate hotel rooms for players on the road. As well as elevate the per diem by $15.

Some interesting details were revealed by former Santa Cruz Warriors player, Damian Jones, in an interview with The Undefeated back in 2017.

Things have most likely changed a bit in three years but it gives readers an idea of the difference between being a G League player, compared to an NBA player.

NBA teams frequently stay in five-star luxury hotels, whilst G League teams stay in those of a three-star rating. Additionally, whilst NBA teams fly on private charter planes, G League teams frequently fly commercial. Long bus journeys are experienced too.

In the 2017-18 season, a per diem of $129 for each day on the road was given to NBA players. At the time, G League players were receiving $50 per day.

Hotel standards and per diem arrangements have most likely increased for G League players since then. Especially as the wage has increased from $19,000-$26,000, to $35,000.

Now, it appears that standards of the G League are improving even further. This comes as exposure of the league is shooting up, following the acquisition of top elite prospects. As well as the creation of a new Los Angeles-based select team, for the prospects.

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