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NBA 2K Next-Gen: The Introduction of the G League

NBA 2K21 is bringing a new aspect to the market that fans of the gaming franchise have been clamoring for many years.

This comes with the introduction of the game to the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms. As NBA 2K21 now includes a G League route to the NBA in MyCareer.

It is clear that the increased exposure and tectonic moves the NBA G League and its President, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, have made to the development league is now paying dividends.

This mainly comes in the form of the G League Ignite team for elite prospects. Which offers youngsters the ability to skip college eligibility and become professionals.

This was the next natural progression, not just for young basketball professionals, but also for the NBA 2K franchise.

NBA 2K21

“A subset of our franchise fan base has been clamoring for this for years and with MyNBA in NBA 2K21. We’re finally able to bring back playable G League games!

If you want to include the G League in your mode, you can leave this option turned on. Otherwise, if you don’t care for the G League games, you can turn it off.

When turned on, the G League teams will play a schedule of games, and if you look at the Daily View, you’ll see the G League games interspersed with the NBA games.

Or you can check out the Daily View (G League) to just see that day’s scheduled G League games.

You can play or simulate with regular sim, SimCast, or SimCast Live.”

– NBA 2K Press Release

What does this mean for the NBA G League?

This is a huge development for fans of both the G League and 2K. With the introduction of the new G League Ignite team being inspiration to the latest development in the game.

With the numerous NBA-level prospects on the Ignite team, including Jalen Green, Jonathan Kuminga, and Kai Sotto. All eyes are on the set-up for elite prospects moving forward.

Now fans of the 2K franchise have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the setup of the NBA’s official minor league. Even more, validation that the G League and those associated with it are most certainly moving in the right direction.

This should give the league a huge boost moving forward. As millions of fans will now have the G League in their homes in the form of NBA 2K21.

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