Why G League Ignite Is Perfect for Kai Sotto and His Development

The game is always fundamental overseas. Kids at a very young age learn the X’s and O’s, and use it to their advantage in their development. Kai Sotto is a player that many insiders have raved about in the Philippines, for quite some time now.

Sotto has been a phenomenal big man in his home land and will make the same impact in the G League, for the new Ignite team, moving forward. 

The Filipino prospect is a player who blends right into the modern era, with position-less basketball. He may be 7-foot-3, but his game shows that he can play anywhere on the floor. As he possesses the capability to play in-or-out of the post, and by creating plays on his own accord.

Reggie Hearn on the G League Ignite Prospects (Inc Kai Sotto, Singh, etc)
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He knows how to put the ball on the floor and create separation between him and his defenders. For a kid who didn’t grow up playing American-style basketball, Sotto has the capability to adjust to various approaches with his excellent skillset and decision making. 

Playing for G League Ignite will benefit the 18-year-old in numerous ways. For one, he will have the ability to play alongside other talented players in Jalen Green, Jonathan Kuminga, Isaiah Todd, and others.

Playing alongside other prospects will allow Sotto to really use his skillset on every inch of the floor. His length will be a huge part in his team’s success. It is crucial that the team uses his ability to their advantage as the season continues on. 

The G League is only a pit stop for Sotto. The best thing for him currently is to continue to develop into the best big man that he can become. The NBA will offer him many challenges that can take away his confidence.

The Ignite set-up is a perfect place for Sotto to understand the physicality and competitiveness that the NBA will offer at the next level. This season will be great for Sotto to gear up for what’s ahead in the future. 

He has the skills and IQ to compete with any player on both ends of the floor. But he does need to add more muscle to his frame. The ferocious finishes at the rim won’t come as easy playing at the professional level with his slim frame.

Kai Sotto will have to bulk up in order to bang down low with physical defenders under the basket. It’s his job to allow defenders to let his name be known as an assertive, physical talent. 

There are so many centers in the 2021 NBA Draft that have a lot of upside. But, Sotto should become a lottery pick. He tends to understand how to really play the game from all angles. No disrespect to any other center in the draft, but Sotto tends to understand where to be on the floor to make a quality play.

The Philippines can be thanked for helping Sotto understand the fundamentals of basketball at an early age. The G League will only do wonders for him. As far as becoming more of a professional and preparing for games on a nightly basis. 

Within the next 5-10 years, Kai Sotto does hold the potential to be perceived as one of the most skilled big men in the NBA. He’s a player that could add to the tradition of overseas players coming to the league and making a positive impact.

This season, for the G League Ignite team, will be a wonderful learning experience to help him understand what his career at the top level could potentially look like.

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