Interview: Cody Demps, G League Ignite

Call-Ups is delighted to bring you an exclusive interview with G League Ignite veteran, Cody Demps. At the age of 27, Demps has already built up over 130+ appearances in the G League. This has been with the Reno Bighorns and the Stockton Kings.

Through the 2019-20 season, he averaged 14.2 points 5.3 rebounds 2.9 assists, and 1.1 steals, through 41 games for Stockton. For the 2020-21 season he opted to join the new Ignite team for elite prospects, as a veteran.

Joining Ignite and the Prospects on the Team

“I got excited. Because I just thought about.. this would be such a great opportunity to give back to the game,” Demps said when speaking about why he chose to join Ignite.

“I remember when I was 18 or 19, I wasn’t mature as I am at this point. Even in the basketball sense. Knowing sets and things of that nature. I knew there was a growth to be had for these guys. It was kind of the perfect match-up of giving back to the game, as well as the opportunity to further my career.”

Even though he has joined Ignite as a veteran and mentor for the likes of Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga, the versatile guard did reveal that he’s developing further himself under the new G League set-up. “I’m developing myself as well. Leadership is super important for anyone in life. So far it’s been great,” Demps said.

When speaking about the prospects, the former Stockton standout disclosed that he is very high on young Filipino star, Kai Sotto. “I love Kai. Super skilled and he’s pretty much ambidextrous. I’ve seen him shoot right and left handed. He comes from a basketball family,” Demps said in praise of the 18-year-old’s skillset.

“For them to get to this point, in their young careers, where they’re basically nationally ranked and all projected to go pretty high in the draft, you got to be a hard worker,” Demps explained. “They’re really smart too as well. They’re able to catch onto different nuances that we’ve been trying to teach them. The sky’s the limit for all of those guys, every single of them has a high-ceiling.”

Cody Demps, Future Coach?

When presented with a question surrounding the use of his leadership skills in a future coaching career, Demps insisted that he is focused on his NBA dream. He did mention that he turned down overseas offers this past off-season, and over the years, in the pursuit of reaching his playing goals.

“I’ve always had that dream of playing in the NBA. It’s something that I know I’m capable of and it’s something that I’m going to continue to pursue. Right now I’m tunnel vision in on playing in the NBA.”

Other interview topics include the G League Ignite scrimmages from December, playing under Ignite Head Coach Brian Shaw, the veterans on the team, and Demp’s G League career to date. Plus much more!

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